Walker-Turner 15" Drill Press Restoration -- September 2007

I picked up this old drill press through a local on-line classified ad.  Based on the serial number, 1-1140, it is among the earliest units manufactured by Walker-Turner (WT).  The manufacturing date is the early 1940s, perhaps the first year of production, 1940.  The drill press was acquired essentially complete and in running condition, although it is likely that the table and perhaps base may have been replaced at some point.  Also, it is clear that the knobs on the spindle handle were replaced with the turned hardwood knobs seen in the photos.  The DP is missing a belt cover and spindle cap/oil cup on top of the head.  Otherwise, all parts are believed to be original, including the switch, plug, and chuck key on its chain.  The motor is a 1/2hp manufactured by A.O. Smith.  The only part that I replaced was the worn out v-belts, which I replaced with link belts from another machine in my shop.  The paint is not vintage WT, and is much shinier and silver-colored than original, but my objective was to do a fast restoration with no out-of-pocket costs other than the cost of the machine acquisition.  Mission accomplished.

Before and After

The drill press was brought home in the state as seen on the left.  One week later, it was completed as seen on the right.
old full view
new full view

Disassembly and Cleaning

Here are a few photos of the DP restoration process and outcomes.  It was in generally good physical condition, but I disassembled the entire machine, cleaned all parts down to metal, stripped all paint, primed, painted, and reassembled.  Total elapsed time from the day the DP was brought home until it was completely reassembled and fired up was eight days, working nights and two good weekend days.
all old parts
All components disassembled
old guts parts
Guts disassembled
old motor assembly
Motor assembly
old handles and levers
Handle assembly
old head and pulleys
Head, pulley and switch assemblies
old base
Bill working grinder
Grinding paint off base
Bill working
Looking grimy and having fun
base ready for painting
Base cleaned and ready for painting
head ready for painting
Head cleaned and ready for painting
clean handle assembly
Handle assembly after cleaning
clean pulley assembly
Pulley assembly after cleaning
clean spindle assembly
Spindle assembly after cleaning
clean switch
Switch assembly after cleaning

Before and After of Various Components

old handle
Original Handle
clean handle
New Handle (knobs resanded and refinished)
old and new levers together
Head locking lever (left) and spindle locking lever
clean levers
Levers after cleaning both
old tables
Table and base
clean tables
old motor
Original motor
clean motor
Motor after sanding and painting


Finally, a few pictures of the assembled drill press.  
old head right
Head from right side view before
done head right
Right side after
old head left
Head from left side view before
done head left
Left side after
head from rear view
Head from the rear view
done rear view full
Full rear view
old badge
Walker-Turner badge in great original condition
done head front view
Completed head from front view
old motor badge
Motor badge in original condition
clean motor badge
Close-up of motor badge after cleaning

Thanks for looking.

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